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Welcome to Tomes and Tequila!!

If you're reading this page, chances are you're either wondering about what I read, how I get it and whether I might be interested in reading something of yours...or you're wondering what on earth an Affiliate Link is. So, I'll answer those questions in order. 😁

I am a rare book blogger who really reads whatever catches my fancy. If I were forced at gunpoint to give a description I would say: your basic book club pick, historical fiction, thrillers and mysteries, contemporary fiction, christian nonfiction, and self-help/personal development. What can I say...I'm a multi-faceted individual!! BUT, I will read just about anything...including horror and romance. I rarely read fantasy, but perhaps I haven't read the right one?! OH, and if you happen to have the Eiffel Tower on your cover...or a pretty bird...I will probably be compelled to read your book regardless of what it's about because I DO judge books by their covers...sometimes.

I am a total Francophile...but this pic would be improved by adding a bird.

The books you'll see on the blog are acquired by numerous means. Some I buy myself, some I check out from the library, and others are given to me to review. If I've been given the book to review, it will always state so somewhere in the blog post. If I haven't mentioned it, chances are I bought it myself. I do accept, at my discretion, books to review from Authors, Publishers and places like Netgalley. I am open to paper or digital. If digital, I'd prefer a mobi file that I can open on my Kindle. 

That being said, life is too short to read a book I don't find interesting. So, I can't guarantee a review. I also have a blanket policy of reviewing everything I finish...glowingly positive or not so great. I'm more apt to write about a book that wasn't a favorite if I've received it from a group such as Netgalley, because I really feel that they need every ounce of feedback they can get. If you've sent it to me, and we've talked, I'm more likely to send an email and let you know in private. I'm a nice person really...I realize that reading is subjective, and the book sitting in front of me is someone's baby that they've worked hard on. I strive to never bash anyone or anything. It's just not me. 

And regardless of how I received the book, all opinions are my own.

I have recently started writing about subjects other than books, and am featuring them on my Instagram and YouTube accounts (mainly beauty/skincare). If you're involved with a company that is in keeping with my style, or have a product that you think I might be interested in, please feel free to contact me. You just never know! 

If you're interested in reaching me, or wish to contact me about a review or interview, please fill out the form on the right side of the page (desktop) or drop down menu (cell phone/tablet). 

I have started using the affiliate links on my blog. If you're not familiar with them, it basically means that if you click the link I've provided, I will receive a nominal payment for sending you to whatever site the link is attached to. I am currently an affiliate for the shopping sites Etsy and Amazon, and the Affiliate Link Group MagicLinks which works with many different companies. I have been a long time shopper on both sites, and feel very comfortable sending my readers there to purchase items I'd purchase myself. I would never send you to a site I wouldn't purchase from. If a post includes an affiliate link, I will always put an * after the link, and a comment at the bottom of the post letting you know. But don't worry, there are no extra fees to you by using my link...and I'm not getting rich off of them. To date, I haven't even made enough to receive my first check. But I love making shopping guides, and devoting my time to the blog, so I'm hoping that I can find a way to keep spending so much of my time on here! By shopping through them, you are helping to support my blog.

Just don't get too carried away shopping while under the influence...

If I become an affiliate for any other sites, or work in conjunction with any company for a post, I will always let you know up front. It's not only a case of honesty is the best policy, it's also a case of legality. 😀

I hope you enjoy my site! I have always wanted to be a source of entertainment for my friends, of the virtual and real life variety. Hopefully I'm not failing too miserably at it.

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