Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Fifth to Die Review

Y''s safe to say that I'd been in a reading slump for a bit. I was really struggling to find a book that would make me argue with myself over whether I REALLY needed to set the book down know...use the bathroom or eat. I'm a fan of books that you can't put down. The ones that cause you to lose sleep (although Lord knows I don't need any help in that department!). It had been a while since I'd truly felt that way. Since I read a book I was talking about days after I'd finished it. Uninspired is a great word to describe it...although this has no bearing on the books I've talked about recently because I do pick up a lot of books that never make their way to the blog. 


Some of you might remember me reviewing the book The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker last year. I had the distinct pleasure of being sent his second book in the 4MK Thriller series, The Fifth to Die, and boy oh boy, did it impress.

Before I get too far into the review, I feel like I need to let you know that this is really a two for one review because when I finished the book I passed it on to my husband who was about to hop on a plane...and he carried this bad boy around, thoroughly engrossed...and I've already heard him personally recommend it to two friends. We were actually talking about it last night with an old friend over beers in the back garden!!

The Fifth to Die picks up basically where the first book ends. We have the same cast of characters, now tense and insular due to the events of said book. I'm going to be extremely vague and cagey with the plot just in case you haven't read the first book. I try so very hard not to include spoilers in any of my reviews! We have a new death...strange circumstances...odd occurrences. Detective Porter and his team don't believe it to be Bishop, but the FBI have other ideas. When Porter makes some questionable decisions and gets suspended from duty, the crap hits the fan and basically this book moves from one tense scenario to another.

There are flights, road trips, child abductions, creepy torture scenarios, great detective work, iffy detective work, snowstorms, a cool cab driver, some more diary entries, a storyline that caused me to have a 20 minute conversation with 2 jehovah's witness boys (while carrying a guitar, 3 grocery bags, and a case of beer), and an ending that had me throwing the book across the room and saying various expletives while using the author's name in ways not normally used in polite conversation.

THAT, my friends, is a GREAT book.

I'm just sleep deprived enough today to feel that this is an appropriate book review. I loved this book. If you like thrillers, and don't mind the creepy stuff, you most definitely need to pick them up. They're not going to disappoint. And I can so see these as movies. They would be EPIC.

My husband read this second book without reading the first...but I wouldn't recommend it, especially given how this one ended. They definitely build on each other. I think the only reason my husband was able to follow along okay was because I gave him a very thorough play by play of The Fourth Monkey before he started The Fifth to Die (mainly because I gave away my copy, and I'm regretting it now).

The only other thing I feel I need to say, besides an enormous thank you to both the author and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for sending it to me, is...J.D. Barker, you'd better be working swiftly on that third book. I mean, really. I don't want to see any more cute kid pics on Instagram...or fun shenanigans. Nose to the grindstone, sir. Take a hot minute to bask in the glow of praise, and then get your ass working, because I'm not sure I forgive you for that ending.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous July!!


  1. I understand you not wanting to give away any spoilers, however, I just finished the audiobook and I really need someone to explain the last couple of hours to me. Maybe from the end of the road trip to the end of the book. Right now I feel like I just wasted 15 hours and 7 minutes of my life. I'm 54...hours start to count when you hit my age.

    1. Did you read the first book? This one ends very frustratingly, and is definitely a mind bend. So sorry it took me so long to see this comment!!

  2. Yes, I listened to the first one and didn’t have a problem keeping up with the story. This one had me confused throughout most of the book, especially the last few hours.

    1. I hate to put spoilers on here, but the ending basically states that Bishop and the Detective have known each other since Bishop was a child...Porter just didn't remember because of his amnesia? And the woman Porter thought was a lawyer was actually Bishop's mother, who he had been somewhat working with (I kinda saw that one coming). Bishop has been kind-of playing Porter the whole time. I think we're going to get more backstory, etc in book three. Like I said in the review, when I finished this I was basically spitting mad, and throwing my book around because I couldn't BELIEVE how it ended.

    2. I'll probably delete this in a day, because I don't want this out there for the world to see...

    3. You can delete it now. Susan confused me because I could have sworn he discribed her as being in her mid fourties, but looked much younger. Mid-fourties wouldn’t be old enough, would it? Feel free to email your response. (I’ll delete that later, too.)