Monday, March 5, 2018

Fave Spring & Easter Decor

Today, in my neck of the woods, it is absolutely beautiful outside. The sky is that particular shade of blue that invites you to venture out and take photos...or in my case, stare longingly outside because it's still right around freezing and my slippers and blanket are too welcoming to give up. Meanwhile, at my old stomping ground in North Dakota, they are gearing up for a massive blizzard that is expected to dump huge amounts of snow and force everyone to hunker down for a bit until everything can be cleared away and life can resume it's normal pace. In other words, it's the beginning of March...and I am ready for Spring.

I want pastel, bubble-gum colored flowers popping out of the dirt. Scarves to be stashed away, and the winter parka replaced by the cute jacket in a fun color. For once, I'm okay with holiday decor showing up in the shops WAY early because it means fun pastel colors that speak to my inner girly-girl.

So, I thought it would be fun to create one of my Etsy shopping lists...and this time devote it to Spring Decor, with a dash of Easter thrown in for good measure! I love shopping on Etsy, and finding unique items for my house, and to buy as gifts for the people I love. If you haven't seen my other shopping guides you can find them here. Hopefully you'll see something you like in the mix!

 Round Bamboo crossbody purse on Etsy

Okay, I know the title says Decor, and I'm starting out with a purse...but cut me some slack. One of the hottest trends for this spring is bamboo/wicker/basket style purses. Trust me on this, I spend a LOT of time perusing the Instagram stories of the ladies who are starting these trends, and they won't shut up about them. will find these suckers cropping up in all of the shops for Spring, and I actually think they are pretty cute...well, except for that GIGANTIC round one from that ONE shop that is SO HUGE I don't know how anyone can take the listing seriously. But this one that I found at StArmandsDesigns for $50 would look amazing with various outfits in the warmer weather. Dressed up with a cute spring/summer maxi, dressed down with some white shorts/jeans and a cute top...I'm telling ya, you will be seeing these things everywhere as it starts warming up. Plus, I'm always looking for an excuse to buy a new purse. 

 Bunny Wreath on Etsy

Call me old fashioned, but I like a good wreath. And spring is the perfect time to brighten up your front porch with something perky and cute...hence my first of two selections, the Bunny Wreath! I actually picked a slightly different bunny wreath first, and by the time I went to put this post together they were all sold the entire shop was sold out of every style of wreath (and they were GORGEOUS!). All this does is bolster my confidence in picking things out for y'all! LOL Anyway, I think these little green bunnies with customizable bows are adorable, and they can be found at EverBloomingOriginal for $59

 Farmhouse Spring Placemats

There is an ongoing feud in my house between my husband and me/my daughter, and it centers around tablecloths. My husband loves them, and has bought the exact same white with tonal stripes tablecloth probably 5 times in the past 5 years...and we keep trying in vain to replace it with cute placemats. My stance is that tablecloths are too old-fashioned (and not in a good way) and look WAY dated and tired (at least in my house)...whereas a gorgeous table set with a glorious array of placemats that change with the season and occasion are the way to go! I'm currently losing the fight. But, if I weren't, I would have these adorably simple and understated burlap placemats with a cute little bunny on the side gracing my table in the lead-up to Easter. You can find these at HunnyBooCreations for $16+, and I have to tell you...that shop has quite a few designs that I would gladly purchase, including one with pastel peeps and another with a cute bunny from the back with a little white fuzzy tail

 Life is a Beautiful Ride Chalk Print

I think this beautiful chalk print from ChalkBoss for $17+ screams Springtime! As someone who plays with fonts and graphics online regularly, I'm a complete sucker for beautiful typography. And I'm envious of the folks who can create writing that looks beautiful with their hands and not the click of their fingers...not to mention artistic folks who can take chalk and draw a gorgeous bicycle filled with spring blooms. This print would add a dash of spring to any space in your house, and buying prints off Etsy is a very economical way to switch up your decor...especially if you're someone like me who changes their mind and decides they want to go with a different style at the blink of an eye.

 Tulip Wreath

Hopefully this, my second wreath on the shopping list, will still be available after I hit it looks like they're selling like hotcakes...but tulips are my favorite flower and I've been coveting these gorgeous tulip wreaths on Etsy for YEARS! The shop, ElegantWreaths, has tons of tulip wreaths to choose from and thousands of amazing reviews, so if this one (that goes for $85+ and can be customized) is sold out, hop on over here and check out the rest. I think these wreaths look so classy, and would make such a grand statement on the right front porch. I am absolutely smitten. 

 Shower fizzies on Etsy

Okay, I'm breaking my decor rule again, and this time for some Shower Fizzies from Lizush for $18+.  First off, if these don't look like Spring to you, I don't know what does. But Spring is a time for treating ourselves for surviving another winter of dry and gray skin (there's a reason Glotion was trending this winter), and I'm still a firm believer in Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance rule of having a little stash of indulgences to pull out every once in awhile and treat yourself with. (everybody had that book, right??) I, for one, haven't taken a relaxing back since I moved away from Germany and my huge corner spa I haven't been able to indulge in the bath bomb craze like everyone else. Enter shower fizzies, the ultimate solution! These are bath bombs for the shower...little essential oil aromatherapy fizzies to set in your shower...something that will turn the ordinary into the zen like. Count me in!! 

 Bunny Plates

Ahhh, adorable hand-decorated dessert sized bunny plates. I'm honestly not sure what else I need to say, as to me these pretty much speak for themselves. They would look perfect on top of those burlap placemats on a table WITHOUT a tablecloth! (y'all are going to have to leave a comment whether you're with me or my husband on this one) The plates are $25 at MaldenMercantile and if bunnies aren't your thing, they even have spring chicks! So cute in that minimalist style that part of me loves (what can I say, I'm very Gemini). 

Floral Paper Plates

And if handwashing fancy dessert plates is not your thing, let me introduce you to these gorgeous floral PAPER plates from ShopCelebrationLane for $5.50. I've actually purchased pretty paper plates off Amazon before also for a comparable price, but there's something about shopping on Etsy that I enjoy, and I don't think I've found this particular style on there before. (but don't get me wrong...I'm still an Amazon girl) Paper plates CAN look classy, and these are the perfect style for book clubs, coffee with your girlfriend, baby showers, or when you want to make your lunch look special. Beautiful paper plates need to have a stash of these suckers just because. (I think my husband tossed my stash when we moved. Note to self, replenish stash.)

 Hipster Bunny Towel on Etsy

It's kind-of funny that I'm including a holiday themed towel on my list because this weekend I pared down on my holiday bath towels...but these are kitchen it's different. I know a lot of people go ga-ga over Rae Dunn items, of which I have none, and these towels have a font "inspired" by the Rae Dunn items...but I just thought they were cute. Bunnies wearing cute glasses in kitchen towel form are a fun way to Easter-up your house. You can find these hipsters at FarmhouseVinylCo for $12

 Easter Bunny on Etsy

Normally I wouldn't put an item made in Italy on a holiday/season themed list because I'm not sure whether it would arrive on time, but this bunny is too cute not to include. TramaiCeramics has this little guy for sale at $24.24 and he makes my heart sing, as cheesy as that feels to type. He is just SO freakin' CUTE!! I want him sitting on my desk, or on my mantle, or sitting on my end table...hanging out with his buddies in a field of fake Easter grass on a seasonal basis, or watching me type blog posts year round. I just love him. The more I stare at him while typing, the more I want to give him a Ferdinand or Bernard. I'm stopping now....

Since I've included Easter decor on the shopping list, I would never want to forget that for most people Easter is about more than chocolate and bunnies. While throw pillows are a great way to change up your house for Spring, and this pillow cover is beautiful, it is also a reminder of what Easter truly means to a lot of us. You can find it at LivingwithAmanda for $28+

 Bloom Pillow

OOH, and since at the time of writing this (March 5th) LivingwithAmanda is having a buy 2 get 15% off sale, I thought I'd include this beautiful Bloom Where You Are Planted Spring Pillow cover for $31.99! It is SURE to brighten up your house, especially next to a pretty pink flower and gorgeous white linens like in their gorgeous photo!! Absolutely stunning. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Spring & Easter Decor List because I had a blast perusing one of my favorite shopping sites, using y'all as an excuse! March is the perfect time to spruce up your environment with some bright and shiny to push out the gray dreariness of winter. 

OOH, and I'm dying to know if you are pro tablecloth or are on my side...I promise I'll still love you no matter what. (I'm still married to the guy buying all those white tablecloths...)
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