Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bond...James Bond.

A love letter from Christina...

Okay everybody, before I get started on this little fluffy piece on the blog, I need to explain something very important to y'all. 

I have suffered from pretty epic insomnia for over a decade now, and although I'd been sleeping better for a little while, it has reared it's ugly head again. Because it had been better for a bit, I'd kind-of forgotten what it's like to try and function at peak level when you're so exhausted you can barely crawl out of bed after sleeping for less than 3 hours. I say this to let you know that a) I have stared at my computer for days trying to compose one of the many proper posts that I have planned for the upcoming year, with little progress because my brain is in zombie mode, b) this might explain why, if you follow me on Instagram, I went from talking and showing myself in stories, to hiding (can't be bothered to do hair and makeup), and c) if you know me in real life, you'll know that at a certain point in my overly tired cycle, I go from zombie to nut. It's up to you to figure out where I'm at as I write this. 😉



I am a fan. 

If I had any skills with poetry, I would just compose an ode to the suave spy and be done with it, but I was not hit with the poetry stick. I once wrote a storytime themed haiku on here, and was high off the power of it for about 6 months! I am in awe of you poetry folks. Okay, getting sidetracked...

I have been a fan of James Bond since I was a very young girl. My father wanted boys, and God blessed him with two girls. Because of this, I grew up working on cars, shooting guns, and watching John Wayne and Bruce Lee movies. But the movies that I truly loved, and that stuck with me through adulthood, were the James Bond films. I adored my Dad, and I loved watching Roger Moore with him. I loved the character Jaws in the films because I had silver caps on my teeth as a kid, and thought we had that in common. And Bond was just cool. 

I honestly don't care what any critics of the man or series say. I love James Bond, flaws and all. I love the witty quips of Roger Moore, the muscles of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan's suave ways, the quiet steely anger of Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby's model looks, and don't even get me started on my love of Daniel Craig. I'll take short, brutish, blonde gay dolphin (thank you Craig Ferguson) Daniel Craig in all of his emotionally broken glory any day! I blame my love for technology and gadgets on Q. I even love the new Q, and my son was convinced I wouldn't. And SKYFALL?!? It tugged at my sentimental heartstrings in ways I didn't think was possible. When watching it at the theater, I just kept poking my son and gesticulating towards the which he would smile and say, "I know...". 

When my son was fairly young, probably 9 or 10 years old, my father sent a big ole box of vhs tapes to us while we were stationed in Germany. The box contained all of the Bond films that had been released to date. My Dad had recorded each one for us, and I had the joy of sharing them with my son. I'm sure that my excitement for them was apparent, and combined with my son's love of all things movie related, easily made a Bond fan out of him too. Once I saw that he liked them, I pounced on it and decided that I was going to do everything I could to encourage the pair. 

Right about now is where I need to state again that I like to buy things for people that I love. If my son liked Bond, that meant I could buy all sorts of Bond-related items, and say they were for him, when really they were kind-of for my benefit. The first items in this category are the Young Bond books *. If you've never seen, read, or heard about them, I HIGHLY recommend the series! When I worked at the library we shoved them into the hands of a few people so they could see just how cool they are, and everyone who read them seemed to enjoy them almost as much as we did. I read them alongside my son, and it was so much fun to learn why adult Bond was the way he was. 

So, after the young Bond books, I had to buy the entire mess of movies on DVD in the set with all of the extras and special features. If you haven't watched these, they are worth it for the special features alone. Roger Moore does commentary on his films. There are documentaries galore, which any true fan is going to want to sit through. Now that we have them, we periodically get on Bond kicks and decide to watch them in order or just pick and choose whichever one catches our fancy. Endless Fun. The Man With the Golden Gun is playing as I type. 

OOH, and you can't really talk about the Bond films without discussing the music. We own numerous CDs of Bond music, both score and title songs. I have had numerous arguments debates with my son on which theme song is best. But I can tell you that every time I hear Carly Simon sing The Spy Who Loved Me I get goosebumps and slightly weepy. I mean that. I'm not even being dramatic. I ACTUALLY get goosebumps all over my arms. I know, I'm a little nutty, but as the song is nearing it's end and the Bond theme music enters it a tad, I find myself getting all emotional. But really, what I enjoy most now is the reaction my husband has every time he hears the Sam Smith song for Spectre. 

I think the most odd thing I've ever bought that's Bond related was the Roger Moore doll I gave my son for Christmas in 2006. It was from Live and Let Die, and for some reason he had it up until about a year ago, when my husband told him he probably didn't need to be carrying toys around with him in his 20's. I think we both regret not fighting him more on that one...especially now that I see how much it costs to buy one now! 

I've continued to buy various Bond books for my son over the years. We've graduated from Young Bond to beautiful coffee table books now that he's in his 20's. For an independent study getting his Bachelor's in History, my son actually wrote an almost 40-page gorgeous paper on Bond. This makes me happy. I feel like we've bonded over Bond, just like I did with my father. 

So there you go. My name is Christina, and I love James Bond. I will always love James Bond. And I can't wait until another movie is released. Now excuse me while I curl my tired butt up under a blanket on the couch and watch another movie. I think this time it'll be Casino Royale...

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  1. Girl, you're making me miss the days when I'd watch James Bond marathons on TNT with my grandpa. It may be time to do a James Bond binge watch weekend...

    1. I will always tell you that a James Bond binge weekend is a good idea...