Monday, October 2, 2017

Upcoming Reviews

Hello Everyone!!! 

Today, October 2nd, I had big plans for catching up on my review writing...and hoped to start my week off with a bang. However, I spent my morning glued to the television in shock over the events that happened in Las Vegas last night. My struggle to unplug from the 24 hour news cycle and focus has been monumental. And now that I've pulled myself away and moved to my computer, I am just having an issue coming up with the right words to write a compelling post. 

So, rather than write something I will be unhappy with at a later date, I thought I'd be honest and tell y'all that I just don't have it in me today. 

I have finished every book in the above photo, and should have a full review for you soon. 

A couple were amazing, and I couldn't put them down.

One restored my faith in the writing of a woman I admire.

One was so full of quotable passages, I had to fight the urge to share the whole damn thing from my Kindle. 

Another spurred thoughts of grand schemes for my future. 

One tested my ability to remember that uncorrected proofs are indeed uncorrected, and you shouldn't hold it against the end product. 

And another I passed along to a young friend to read because I knew he liked the genre, and wanted to know his opinion...forgetting that I hadn't yet taken a photo of it for my blog post! 

So, if any of the above piques your curiosity, I should have full reviews up soon. 

But for now, I'm going to go back to watching the news, and pondering why this hideous event among the many has got me so unnerved. 

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