Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Throwback Thought on Being a Little Nuts

This post would probably be better for a Throwback Thursday or a Flashback Friday, but in keeping with the topic, I figured Wednesday was as good a day as any to share some thoughts with y'all.

After disgustedly turning off the news the other night, I had a short but sweet conversation with my oldest about how...depressing the world appears currently. You will probably never hear me write anything even remotely political on here, as that's just not my thing...but everything going on in the world right now is all a bit much for me. There is so much negativity and bad juju floating around, and we both decided...after laughing over how silly a Disney-themed Dancing With the Stars episode was...that maybe what the world really needs right now IS some silliness. A few light-hearted and joyful stories. A little goofiness, and less drama.

It reminded me of an e-mail I'd sent to my mother and sister 15 years ago, that I stumbled upon when sorting out my tiny rubbermaid box of mementos I've carried around from base to base (which includes such important things as a love letter to my then boyfriend, now husband, discussing how bad I wanted to kiss him after French Class, and a biography I made in 8th or 9th grade with an interview of me done by my good friend and stationery lover K!). I must've felt the e-mail was important because I'd printed it out. It's really one of the first bits of "writing" I'd ever done.

I'd like to share it with y'all, because I really think the idea I was trying to express is both a good one, and one that we maybe need to embrace a bit more. Plus, it will give you yet another example of the woman you've been reading. (and a reminder that I have always loved Disco) I will try very hard not to edit it whilst transcribing. 😁
My Craziness
I just had a thought, an epiphany really, and I felt I should share it with the two women I love the most. It came to me really last night, as I was dancing while cooking spaghetti in front of a very large window facing a fairly frequented street, and numerous strange foreign neighbors who I'm sure like to look out of their windows every once in awhile. As I was gyrating like a banshee while seasoning the ground meat I thought...I enjoy being a little crazy, a little eccentric. I mean, who wants to be boring and normal really? People associate craziness with all sorts of bad and nasty things, but really...who would want to be the opposite? Personally, I'm the first one to raise my hand and say...I know, crazy old mom at it again...but from now on I'm going to take PRIDE in that. I mean, if I weren't a bit "off" (for lack of a better word) I wouldn't get to spin my son around the living room while singing old Doobie Brothers songs at the top of my lungs, when he should be eating his lunch. And personally, the only way I can tolerate mundane household shores is by putting a little fun into it. So, if you were a fly on the wall in my house this morning you might have found me doing the funky four corners to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack while simultaneously folding my laundry and bathing my 2 dirty munchkins. My fat butt pretending to do a strip tease, while folding socks that I know were once supposed to be white. So, the next time you find yourself moaning, or begrudging yourself for doing things a little different than the average woman...instead I ask of you to take PRIDE in the fact that you can see the world around you in much brighter colors than everyone else...and smile. Think of me, having my own personal disco in the kitchen while the Germans whisper about how odd that woman who just moved in next door is. And I will sign off this letter with a poem from one of C's millions of books: My Mother Has Gone Crazy by Suzanne Wunder. (from the book I Invited a Dragon to Dinner
My mother has gone crazy. I think she's lost her head. She toasted all my socks. And she washed a loaf of bread. She put jelly on my toothbrush and said, "Scrub between your toes.". Then she gave me her best tablecloth and said, "here, blow your nose." She put my little sister in the yard and told the cat, "Don't go out unless you're wearing some mittens and a hat." She kissed the dog good-bye two times, and told my dad to stay. My mother has gone crazy but...I like my mom this way. 
When T read this he said "That sounds like you Mom!!" to which I replied, "You're right, it does!"

So, without analyzing my writing skills, I just want to remind everyone to make sure you're putting a little fun in your daily life, especially right now. When the world feels the most dark and insecure, it's even more important to keep some light and silly in your routine...especially if you have little ones at home still. Buy that silly coffee cup. Make pancakes piled with strawberries and whipped cream for dinner. Put that Jon Snow or Batman Funko Pop Toy on your desk at work. Wake your teenager on their birthday by obnoxiously playing The Beatles You Say It's Your Birthday, while screaming the lyrics! Whatever it may be...I really think it's something the world needs more of right now.

Or just be like me, and have regular dance parties at your house. I find dinner to be the PERFECT time for one...and it's a time when most people are uber stressed out. Grab your kids, or your spouse, and spin them around the room...while singing crazy (that's the most important part!). I recommend I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. 😁

Because there's certifiably crazy (the bad kind) and then there's socially acceptable crazy (the good kind), and we all need a little more of that in our lives. 


  1. There's nothing like a bit of Doobie Brothers or the Bee Gees to liven up your day! I love my 70's and 80's cds more than anything though my fat butt does not do justice to Disco or Glam Rock! Kind of like a hippo thing going on, y'know?!!! I happily surround myself with Game of Thrones and Harry Potter stuff and cuddle my furry monkeys from Build-A-Bear and that makes me happy! Loved this post!

    1. Thanks!! I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter also. :)