Friday, September 8, 2017

The Dark Net

I started this week so excited to share 3 really good books with y'all. But then the crud invaded my chest, and I felt like death and didn't want to leave my bed. And I find it hard to write a fun blog post when my chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it. But I've finally emerged from under my blankies, although I still haven't showered (it's a good thing you guys can't actually SEE me) and I'm ready to share at least ONE of these amazing books before the weekend. 

The one I've got for you today had me all aflutter for a couple of reasons. The first being it's set in Oregon...which is where I was born, and lived until I was a teenager. (Right now you might be thinking, but you love Southern Fiction because you call Louisiana home...and Paris fiction because you love Paris...what can I say, I am multifaceted) The second being that I grew up on scary books and movies, so couldn't wait to read a book with blurbs by Dean Koontz and Peter Straub on the back, authors that graced the bookshelves of my childhood. My mother is a HUGE fan of the horror genre. We can discuss the merits of her parenting style in another post, but I grew up reading Stephen King books and watching Friday the 13th movies. I think the only horror movie I wasn't allowed to watch as a child was The Omen, because the bad guy was a little kid. My family LOVES horror. Now, why I don't read more of it as an adult, I couldn't tell you....they just aren't the first books that call to me anymore. But when I do pick one up, I'm usually reminded of how much I love reading them.

So when I was offered the opportunity to read The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy, I jumped at the chance. The last creepy book I'd read was The Elementals, and I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and delve a little deeper than the thrillers I've been reading recently. And I am SO happy that I did! (Thanks Houghton Mifflin Harcourt!!!)

The Dark Net tells the story of a rag tag group who come together to defeat evil. Yes, I know that's not what the synopsis on Goodreads says, but trust me...that's what this book is about in a nutshell. 

Hannah has been gradually going blind, and was just fitted with a fancy new set of eyes via Mirage, technological miracle glasses that should help her see. (instead of the visor in Star Trek: The Next Generation, my imagination went with Cyclops) But she is now seeing things that aren't making sense to her. Auras around people, and a darkness that her mother claims isn't there. 

Her aunt Lela, a technophobic reporter, has stumbled upon a mysterious company unearthing bones with strange markings on them. Her quest to figure out what the markings mean has her being chased by giant hairless dogs and weird men...which leads her to Mike Juniper. Mike runs a homeless shelter, is more than he appears, and knows a thing or two about what Lela is up against. 

And the team is rounded out by Hemingway, Lela's faithful German Shepherd. I kid you not, I spent the last half of this book saying out loud "they'd better not kill this dog!!". Shouting that at your book does not go over well when your husband is trying to watching college football. (and I feel like I should insert a Scooby Doo joke right about now)

The bad guys have arrived in Portland, and they are coming to you through the Dark Net, that area of the internet that is unpoliced...the perfect place to mount an attack through technology that is in everyone's hands. 

Regardless of the fact that I clearly can't write synopsis for the horror genre, I really enjoyed this book. To me it was the best of stuff I've always loved...some paranormal including hell hounds, technology offing people a la Stephen was brilliant. The story wasn't maybe the most original thing around, as my son kept telling me of other books and movies with similar plots while I was reading it, but as far as it being an entertaining read that I didn't want to put down? It totally passed that test. And page 144?!? I re-read that passage probably 4 times in shock.

My eyes glazed over a lot of the technology in it, because although I'm a gadget junkie...I'm not that computer savvy. BUT, although not giving away a whole lot about what happens in this book, when the shit hits the fan, you can bet I was looking around my house and assessing how many things I own that actually have some type of computer in them. 

So, this book totally won at creeping me out. To me it was very classic King and Koontz, although there are probably better contemporary authors to compare it to, I am just using authors I am familiar with. It was fast paced, and a quick read at 253 pages, and I'd highly recommend it for people who like their books creepy. Or people who want to see the Apocalypse start in areas of Portland they are familiar with. 😁

I hope to get TONS of reviews out to you next week as I have a backlog to write!! Enjoy your weekend. 

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