Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Not Your Mother's Shopping Guide...

Well, unless you have a mother like I which case she might like these items also...what do I know?!?

*This post contains affiliate links!! 

Lately I have found the motherload of extremely cool items in my late night perusing of the wonderful website known as Etsy, and I thought I'd make a new shopping guide for you!! I was hung up for a minute because, strictly speaking, these aren't really book related items...and I usually try to tie my guides to a book or fandom of some kind. BUT, every once in a while I have to have a little talk with myself that goes something like this..."but Christina, it's YOUR blog, and you can do whatever you WANT on it!!"...which usually results in some of my most popular blog posts. (Barry Manilow, anyone?!?) 

So, here are some of the incredibly cool and epically sassy items I've recently found on Etsy. You might recognize a couple of them from my Giveaway and Instagram feed. If you're easily offended, or find cuss words abhorrent, you probably won't like these...but I find them all incredibly funny, and I personally enjoy adding those little odd somethings to my life. It makes it far more interesting and humorous...but that's just me!! I hope we're kindred spirits. 😀

 Coffee and Cuss Words Coffee Mug

This mug is just too cool, and applicable to quite a few people that I know. It was SO hard to put it in my giveaway and not keep it for myself, but my husband thinks I have a coffee mug "problem". This beautiful mug, perfect for your morning brew and pretty enough for photos (hello Instagram!), can be found in Mugsby's shop for $10.99+

 Shit I Can't Lose Ring Dish on Etsy

I think this falls under the label of 'why call it something it's not'?!? This is the perfect Ring Dish to hold all the important little bits and bobs that you definitely do NOT want to lose. Wedding ring, diamond earrings, key to your fuzzy handcuffs. I'm sorry...I meant key to your lock box! You know...important stuff!! You can find this one at DezCustomCreations for $11

 Oh Bloody Hell Tampon Bag on Etsy

Okay, don't kill me for this one!! Most women have a stash of "those products" in their purse, their car...if they are young, in their locker...why not corral them with style?? I have seen some really cool containers made for this purpose over the years, but this bag is both pretty and yet hilarious. You can find it on Mugsby for $14.39. (I am LOVING Mugsby)

 Makeup and Shit bag on Etsy

Clearly I am on a floral, girly kick at the moment!! I LOVE this makeup bag. It's a great size, and even cuter in person than it is on the site. And mine is currently filled with makeup and shit...surprise, surprise! It's another Mugsby item currently $13.49

 Bookish AF coffee mug on Etsy

Okay, I felt like I was being too floral and girly, so I thought I'd go in a completely different direction with this one. A striking and slightly militant coffee mug for the VERY bookish among us. If you somehow are unsure of what the AF is, ask the closest teenager you can find. If you don't have a teenager handy, you can always use Google. Mind you, I'm fairly sure that if you're reading my blog, you probably know what AF is...(I just looked at that and my brain said Air Force...which is so NOT right)...anyway, you can find this stark mug on BookeryBoutique for $15.95+

 I gotta good heart but this mouth tee on Etsy

I feel like this shirt sums me up fairly well...and it comes in a big size range, which isn't the case for a lot of the super cute tees on Etsy! This tee is perfect for advertising that the loud mouth doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad person. You can find it at 1OneCraftyMomma for $23+

 Set of 6 Engraved Pencils on Etsy

I have a weird stationery product fetish, and I blame my friend K. Back in 5th grade, when we first became friends, she had all of these really cool stickers and pencils...and I was always incredibly envious of her collection. Any time I buy a sticker (which I did today at Michaels, thank you) I think of her. (I love you K!!!) This collection of 6 engraved pencils really put out that Girl Boss vibe, don't you think?? You can buy them from MerrilyPaper for $7.95

 Get Shit Done Notepad on Etsy

Once again, I'm back to the stationery! Everyone needs a good To Do List, so why not add a little sass to it? It'll make you giggle a little as you're crossing things off like a boss. This 50 sheet notepad is the perfect accessory for your desk. You can find it at AlvaLumos for $6.50

 Football My Second Favorite F Word Tee on Etsy

Maybe not the best picture of this shirt, but I don't mind giving a new Etsy shop a try! It's Football season, and I personally think this is a good all around shirt to wear on the weekend while you watch the game. I looked for a shirt that said "Fassbender, my second favorite F word" but I couldn't find this will have to do. You can find it on EmpowerYourApparelCo for $25 and it comes in a large range of sizes!! 

 Le Cancer Ca Craint Necklace on Etsy

Okay, I have one serious listing for ya. I don't think there's a person around who hasn't been touched by cancer at some point in their lives. You either have had it, know someone who has had it, have lost someone to it, etc. I think this simple yet beautiful, hand stamped necklace that says in French a slightly harsher version of Cancer Sucks, is the perfect thing to politely express a feeling all of us agree with. You can find it at GypsySolDesigns for $30

So there ya go!! I hope you enjoyed browsing this small shopping guide as much as I enjoyed making it! I really do enjoy shopping on Etsy, and have never had a bad experience buying on there. (knock on wood) Let me know if you have a favorite Fandom or Theme you'd like me to explore in my next shopping guide...and try not to spend too much. If you do, please don't blame it on me. I have a horrible guilty conscience...😁

*This Post Contains Affiliate Links!! Please refer to my Review Policy for details. 

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