Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's Always the Husband Review

Sorry for the few and far between blog posts the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately and realistically, that will probably hold true for a few more weeks still. We should be out of our house here in North Dakota by the end of next week, and traveling to DC the week after. Right now my life has revolved around cleaning, purging and yard sales...with not a lot of time for reading or writing. Next week it will be about packing...the week after about driving!! I have a giant stack of new books that I'll be loading in my car with me, and possibly an audiobook for the road. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel...but as of today it's still a tiny speck.

My biggest disappointment blog wise is that our move coincides with the 1 Year Anniversary of the blog!! Tomes and Tequila will be a YEAR OLD on June 8th...the day after my 42nd birthday (egads!!). My big plan was to do another giveaway for the anniversary, but I think that will have to wait until we're settled into a new house in DC. So...keep reading folks, as I have big plans for that one!

Okay, on to the book review.

I just finished another new book that was sent to me from Booksparks for their Summer Reading Challenge 2017, It's Always the Husband by Michele Campbell. This was another contemporary murder thriller, that once again had me pretty much in the dark about what actually happened until the last page of the book....although it wasn't quite as mysterious as Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and had a quarter of the cast of characters. (The books in no way need to be compared, I just read them back to back, so it's all fresh in my mind.)

It's Always the Husband tells the story of three friends who meet when they become roommates at the prestigious Carlisle College in New Hampshire. Jenny, Aubrey and Kate are three completely different people. Jenny is the local ambitious good girl with high aspirations. Kate is the reckless spoiled rich girl and ringleader. And Aubrey is the flighty girl without a penny to her name, who fought tooth and nail to get into the school but doesn't really know what to do with herself now that she's there.

The girls become fast friends, although their relationship is odd and destructive from the beginning. There's drugs, manipulation, hard-partying, excess, jealousy and then some...but somehow the three-some are still pretty tight until one night something tragic happens that breaks them apart. One goes her separate way, and life goes on. But when she returns to Belle Haven, tensions rise and between the old and new hurts, bad things happen. When one of the women ends up dead, the question becomes a combination of how responsible are the other two women in her demise and/or the age old question of Was it the Husband??

I really enjoyed reading this one. It wasn't a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller that was going to keep me up all night, but I was still up reading it way past my bedtime. It was more of a slow-burn mystery. And the first and second halves of the book felt very different to me. The first half of the book felt almost like a Young Adult book of college excess, but I knew that there was a middle-aged section coming up...and my kids often give me crap for still being a teenager inside, so it didn't turn me off in any way. I agree with other reviewers who said they could tell the author has experience in Ivy League schools (she's a graduate of Harvard and Stanford). The tales of spoiled rich kids bingeing on pills to get through midterms because they'd partied too hard through the rest of their classes sounded eerily similar to articles I've read about real problems in Universities. It all felt very plausible. And as for the knew a lot. The author gave you a lot...but she didn't give you everything until the last page. So once again, don't be a heathen and spoil it for yourself!!

I'm giving this one 4 stars. It wasn't overly complicated...I didn't have to think very hard while reading it. But it was just the sort-of thriller that my tired brain needed right now. I'm not sure I could've handled anything overly complicated this week! I didn't really like any of the characters again, but as I've said before, that doesn't bother me at all. I think you'd probably like this if you're a fan of Liane Moriarty's books....and you've also sat through a couple seasons of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars.

I can't guarantee when the next review will be posted, but please be sure to follow my Facebook page, as I'll be updating that pretty regularly. I've also somehow managed to stay pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, so you can always find some good literary fun from me over there until I can get settled into our new location and back on a regular schedule!!

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