Friday, April 21, 2017

Things I Love This Week...

In an effort to give y'all another glimpse into the woman behind the tequila-tinted book reviews, I thought I'd do a quick post for this Friday on a few of the things that I'm loving this week! I'm thinking this will be a cross between a get to know me a little bit better, and a chance to share some things I think are cool that might not be strictly related to books. Feel free to admire my attempts at a good selfie to send to my mother, that I have so artfully used to create a nice graphic to go along with this post. Those friends who get daily Snaps from me are used to seeing these faces pretty regularly.

Okay, first off I'm going to say...go to the website to look at these shoes because I clearly can't take a cool photo of shoes to save my life! My new Allbirds Wool Runners are AMAZING. I have a history of destroying my feet in ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes. These Merino Wool, lightweight shoes feel great on my poor tootsies. I'd read about them online and thought I'd take a chance and order some, since their return policy is fairly generous. I can barely tell I have them on, they are so light you can barely tell you're wearing shoes. This pair was $95, and well worth it in my opinion. I'd love the buttery yellow color, but I can't think of a single thing I'd wear them can't justify it at the moment. But my heart gets all twitterpated when I look at them. 

The Bee Gees Grammy Tribute Special

I wouldn't be me if I didn't mention this. I know, last week I was going on about Barry Manilow and now I'm talking about the Bee Gees! I'm not sure I can accurately describe how big of a fan I am of the Brothers Gibb. I grew up in a house with a Bee Gees poster over the washing machine, and I forced my friends to do the line dance from Saturday Night Fever during our lock-in for graduation in 1993. I clearly have a problem. But I was gutted when I woke up Monday morning to realize I'd slept through a special on t.v. devoted to my band! Thank the heavens it was available on the CBS website because I could've cried. I'm sad that poor Barry is on his own now, but I think this was a good show. No one made me cringe, and I was blown away by both Keith Urban and Andra Day. Plus I am eternally grateful to Nick Jonas for not messing up my favorite Andy Gibb song too badly, or I think I might've thrown something at the computer. I'm not sure about that thing he did at the end though...

I have only read and reviewed one of Sarah Knight's books, but after watching this TED talk I immediately purchased her other book and I will be reviewing it soon. I think I might have a slight crush on her actually, and have had to refrain from squealing when she's interacted with me on Twitter. You see, I care entirely too much about what other people think of me. It is a major flaw of mine, and one that drives my husband batty. I like to think I'm getting better the older I get, but I fear I might just be lying to myself. I need more Sarah Knight in my life. Click on the link up above, or type "Sarah Knight TED Talk" into the YouTube search engine and give this a watch...but beware of the many F-bombs.  

Okay, this must be the week of shoes because I also purchased my first pair of Tieks! First off, the presentation of these shoes could not be prettier. I just wanted to spend the day taking pictures of the pretty box, with it's flower on top. Now, I have to admit that I haven't worn my Tieks out of the house yet, so I can't say without a doubt that I'm in love with them 100%. Out of the box, my pair of classic black leather Tieks made strange fart noises when I walked in them...but thankfully that's gone away. I don't think my self-esteem could hold up to the stares! I'm really hopefully that these shoes will be nice and comfy, and I'll have a great pair of ballet flats to wear that won't destroy my feet. I'll keep you posted! 

 The Graham Norton Show on BBC America

I have been a fan of the Graham Norton Show for quite a few years now, but this week I was reminded of why I love it so much. I have watched Graham since we lived in England in 1998 and his show was a lot naughtier, but it is still the best "chat show" on air. The celebrities seem more at ease, he gets the best stories out of them, and it's just a lot less formal than American late night television. Plus the slightly naughty vibe that still persists...especially in the show I just watched with Hugh Jackman, Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart, is right up my alley! Don't even get me started on the episodes where my beloved Michael Fassbender has made an appearance. 😍

Books, Books and More Books!!

 I have so many new books that I'm reading, or have sitting on my reading pile, that I'm incredibly excited to share with you!! But the next few months will be a little chaotic in my house. My husband should be coming home soon, and we'll be moving across the country within the next month and a half, which is always boatloads of fun. I will do my best to keep posting regularly though. Remember, you can always subscribe and have my posts delivered straight to your inbox. Or follow me on Facebook, as I always share my stuff on there. Living out of a suitcase may hamper putting original photos on my reviews, but it won't keep me from posting 💛

I might have a review for you tomorrow, if not I'll be back next week with some more bookish fun!! Now...where did I put my drink...🍸

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