Friday, January 13, 2017

You are a Badass!

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 You are a Badass by Jen Sincero review by Tomes and Tequila Blog
Huge apologies for being MIA for a few days. I have been sick and not reading much, just sleeping...which is rare for me, so I was enjoying it while it lasted. I have one more self-help book review for you, and then I promise I'll mix things up a bit again. I just kept seeing this book everywhere, and I felt like it was the universe telling me I needed to read I finally broke down and bought it on my Kindle, and devoured it in an evening.

I'm sure you too have seen the book I'm referring to. You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero is everywhere right now...and it's bright yellow eye-catching cover makes it very hard to ignore. My photo doesn't really do the cover justice. It is VERY yellow. Whoever designed the cover was really onto something because you couldn't ignore this book if you tried.

So while I was feeling like death and dreaming of revamping my life, I thought I'd see what Jen Sincero had to say about me being a badass.

First off, this is definitely a no-nonsense straight-talk no-bullshit kind-of book, which is great in one respect and yet not in another. With this particular author I feel like it's genuine...I think it's just her. I've read some of her older work, and this book really does read like she's talking to one of her girlfriends about what she thinks would work to change their lives for the better. She starts off with a real hard line of sitting down and assessing where you are right now and owning "your shit" and going from there. But...and it's kind-of an odd but...I am not a huge fan of the recent batch of badass/bitch/f**k books.
 You are a Badass by Jen Sincero reviewed by Tomes and Tequila blog
Okay, just hear me out. I cuss like a sailor at times...anyone who knows me in real life can vouch for that. And I think there is a time and place for cuss words in writing, for sure. But I think a lot of books now are using it for shock value only. It's the "holy crap, did you see the title of that new cookbook?!?" so you pick it up and flip the pages just to see how many times they can drop the F bomb in that pancake recipe...which is great as a novelty, but it wears off after a while. I also hate it when women call their friends bitches...but that's digressing way too far from the badass title of this book. I feel like this book has got bundled in with a lot of other shock value titles (just check out the customers also bought section) and some of them don't have the balls to live up to them...if that makes sense.

You Are a Badass has a great first half but the second half of the book got a little too out there for me at times, so I'm going to give it a solid 4 stars. You know how much I like having books broken down into implementable steps, and I wish hers had a bit more than it does, but I definitely highlighted plenty of stuff to go back and work my way through. She really does a good job of dumbing down the first 10 chapters of my old Psych 101 textbook, which was nice and helpful...and did a great job of pointing out some crap I should be aware of on my way to badassery.

There is a lot of information in here about changing our inner dialogues for the better...stopping self-deprecating humor, using affirmations and visualizations to work towards goals, giving to causes that mean something to you...all things that have been showing up in the other books I've reviewed recently like How To Live a Good Life and The Miracle Morning. It is all just packaged in a very woman-centric kick-ass way...with sentences like "there's nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of fuck-yeah."
        You are a Badass by Jen Sincero reviewed by Tomes and Tequila blog
I have 217 things highlighted in my Kindle version of the book, and it's only 256 really is a good book, full of all kinds of tips for really being a more badass version of yourself. There were some passages that had a much larger impact on me because of the blunt way Sincero writes, for example when she says to "puhleeze, stop saying how pathetic you are at making decisions. Erase the phrase "I don't know" from your vocabulary...". This is HUGE for me, and her delivery clearly made a much larger impact than anything else I've read on this subject in my adult life.

But there is also a little woo-woo going on in here that I took issue with, which knocked that one star off for me. Her section on money, and going into debt buying a fancy car with the idea that then the money would eventually come into her life, is a little impractical for most people. She spends a lot of time talking about getting your "frequency" right...and then slips in there about using your credit card to pay for a "coach" to help get you to where you want to be, which just so happens to be what the author does for a living. me that felt a little hinky. But there was good stuff intermingled in with the hinky so I would still say it was a pretty good book.

So, have you given in to the Badass books yet?? What do you think of the new risque titles in the bookstore?? Let me know in the comments here or over on my Facebook page. And as a quick side cute is my Kate Spade Owl Clutch in the photo?? I'd been dying to sneak it in a pic somewhere, although that photo doesn't really do it justice 💖💖

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