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Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt with In60Learning

 Hatshepsut The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt by In60Learning Review on Tomes and Tequila

I was contacted recently by the co-creator of what sounded like a pretty cool publishing company with a very intriguing "product" that I thought might be of interest to y'all, so I jumped on the chance to give it a review.

In60Learning has basically realized that none of us have a lot of time to devote to reading giant biographies on historical figures, or to brush up on the things that we didn't pay attention to in history class (or was that just me??) so they made books and audiobooks that can be read in 60 minutes. Their current selection is mainly historical in subject, but I've been told that science and technology are on the way.

I think the idea behind it is great, I like to think of myself as a life-long learner, and I actually didn't pay any attention to history in school, which is really funny since I live in a house full of Historians. I've always enjoyed reading biographies, and you know how much I love nonfiction. I basically suffer from wanting to know too much, and having too little time to consume all of what I yearn to learn. So to read up on Charlemagne or Marilyn Monroe in an hour, and come out of it feeling like I actually learned something...and not like I read a fluff piece...really appeals to me. I think it would be great for the extremely busy, commuters, parents of little ones, or people who just can't focus through a gigantic tome of a history book. (and while I'm thinking of it, why do they seem to make those sorts of books SO damn BIG?!?)

I was sent a link to all of the In60Learning books available on Amazon, and told to take my pick. I chose a biography titled Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt because I knew who it was, but didn't REALLY know the background and thought I'd enjoy spending an hour in Ancient Egypt. While I was there, I did notice that most of their books can be read free if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, which I actually AM (shhh, don't tell my husband) so I will probably read a few more, which is getting ahead of myself and telling you a little about how this review is going to go but...I thought it was an important fact to point out.

So tonight, after dinner was done, and while my husband watched a re-run of The Andy Griffith Show and my son fiddled on his computer, I spent an hour reading about Hatshepsut.

First off, there weren't any weird formatting issues or odd misspelling problems/punctuation flub-ups that are sometimes found on smaller books, or if so they were meager enough to not be of note. I mean nothing disparaging to self-publishers or small publishing companies, but I have read one too many kindleunlimited book that had so many mistakes I stopped keeping track. I know I'm not the only one to see them, and I have read authors stories of just how hard it is to format books for self-publishing, so I really do feel for them. But it's common enough of a problem that I wanted to make note of the fact that this book was formatted and put together wonderfully.

And secondly, I thought the book was very well written. It had the heft of a true historical biography. It wasn't filled with fluff, or dumbed down in any way. It was laid out in a manner that made sense, felt well-researched, and I'm pretty sure I learned something...which is rare in an hour of my reading time!

I found it incredibly intriguing how her successor Thutmose III basically erased her from history, chiseling her name off of things and destroying what she'd built during her reign. Or how he'd moved her body from the burial chamber she'd built for herself...the one that included lewd graffiti! I also enjoyed reading how she started the merging of male and female when speaking of Pharaohs, and how that continued well after her reign.

Basically, the fact that I managed to retain enough info to write that paragraph without looking back at the book means that reading it was a success! I just might be able to answer a trivia question or two if given the chance!!

All joking aside, I really did enjoy reading Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt, and I do think the whole idea behind these books is pretty dang cool. If you're short on time, or just don't have the patience to devote to big ole history books but want to build on your knowledge base, these just might be the ticket.

So, if you're interested in In60Learning, and find the idea of learning in bite-sized chunks appealing, you can visit this link to sign up for their Learning List. The Learning List will allow you to receive updates on new releases, promos, and contribute ideas for upcoming work! Feel free to click right here and get more info.

And now I'm really curious how many people read nonfiction historical biographies in their spare time. If you do, please leave a comment below because inquiring minds (meaning me) want to know!!

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