Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A New Venture

 Christina's Chloe + Isabel Boutique

Way back in the days of yore, I was a Pampered Chef consultant in England. I was actually a British consultant, the first in Norfolk, and did very well for myself. I had two little ones at home, and it was a great way to earn a little bit of spending money and get out of the house and socialize. I remember buying bright yellow paint from Woolworth's to do my daughter's bedroom with my first paycheck, and being so incredibly proud of my entrepreneurial self. My husband cracked endless jokes about me making money selling cooking tools when I burn frozen pizza. It was a wonderful, if short lived, time in my life. I quit when my calendar got heavily booked and my kids grumbled about me being gone too much at night. In my heart, I was a stay-at-home mom.

I have been tempted to sell various products throughout the years. I think I came really close to signing on the dotted line with one particular company, until my husband told me there was no way on God's green earth he wanted a wife selling "those things"...no matter how big the commission, how smooth my sales skills might be, or how sure I was that the kids wouldn't stumble upon my stash. 😂 But alas, I held off returning to the world of direct sales until yesterday.

 Christina's Chloe + Isabel Boutique

A few years back I hosted a pop-up show for a friend of mine, to show off some jewelry for a company I'd never heard of called Chloe + Isabel. She brought a few pieces to my house. I had my girlfriends over for some wine and nibbles. We checked out her selection, perused the catalog, chatted for ages, and that was that! I received a crap ton of free products for what was essentially a girls night that had a backdrop of beautiful jewelry. I let my daughter pick out the free stuff, and I bought myself two pair of earrings. And then the company kind-of dropped off my radar. My friend stopped selling it. I didn't hear of anyone else selling it really. But the pieces I bought are still going strong, and I was amazed by the quality. And every once in a while I would hop online and check out their catalog to see what new things they'd started making.

So when we were moving, and I stopped working full time at the library, I entertained the notion of going back to some form of direct sales. But I wanted to do something I loved. Something that I could feel passionately about...that would fit in with my blog, my priorities, and my current focus. And I came back to Chloe + Isabel.

Now, I need to tell y'all upfront that this is something I sat on for 8 months before joining. And I'm going to include this portion one time in this blog post, and then I'm going to let it go and embrace my decision. Perhaps I worry too much about it, and I'm sure when my kids read this they'll roll their eyes at me, but I want to make sure all of you know how much thought I put into the products and items I share and recommend. If you are reading this, I think of you as my friend. I could never tell my friend to buy something I wouldn't buy myself. And I would never want my friends to feel that I'm using them. I have always made sure that if I show you a makeup item, I use it myself. If I'm reviewing a book, I have given you my honest thoughts about it. If I was going to sell something, and share photos of it on the blog...on my Instagram account...on my FB page...it has to be something that I can stand behind. And I have to sell it in a manner that goes along with my personal values and ethos, no matter what the training says. I believe Chloe + Isabel will be a company that fits the bill for me.

 Christina's Chloe + Isabel Boutique

If you read my blog post about Curating Your Best Life, you know that one of my areas of focus was Beauty. As someone that spent years putting myself on the back burner, I am working hard to take better care of myself...and it is an inside and outside job! The Beauty focus area is why you're seeing makeup videos on my Facebook page. I am learning to put myself together as the woman I want to be. Dressing this beautiful body (y'all, in my head that was said ironically...so please read it that way) and bedecking it in a way that makes my heart sing is a process. I am trying to teach myself that I can wear whatever in the heck makes me happy, instead of worrying about what those strange judgmental people in my head might think. And beautiful, beautiful jewelry makes this lady incredibly happy. I mean...super duper happy.

I am learning that, while I have always loved simple and chic earrings, I LOVE statement jewelry pieces. I like crazy big earrings now!! (The pair I wore in my last pair of Makeup videos caused my husband to refer to me as Beetlejuice) I am also a fan of statement necklaces, especially given my clothing usually consists of solid colors (and a lot of black and gray). With my uniform of jeans and a black or gray top, a statement necklace or crazy earrings means I can still wear my girly blush or light blue...or boho styles...and feel comfortable.

 Christina's Chloe + Isabel Boutique

So, I am now a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser! I should get my kit soon, and will probably do a live unboxing on the blog page so everyone can see what I received. I will also have a launch party within the next few days. Hopefully you'll love the products as much as I do...and will enjoy seeing some baubles along with the books. I am still learning the ins and outs, but I've tried to make my boutique pretty, and already created a collection of every item on the site that is under $50. If you like what you see, you can shop straight from the shop, or ask me about doing an online pop-up party and receiving some free products (just like I did back in the day!!)

Thank you all again for being so supportive of me and all of my adventures. 💛💛💛

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