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She Regrets Nothing Review

Super excited to be back bringing you some Booksparks reads, and extremely grateful to them for sending me boxes full of pink paper confetti and heart-shaped sunglasses, along with fun reads like this one for their Winter Reading Challenge! I don't know about y'all, but for me, dreary winter days are the best time to read things that take you out of your current environment and into something completely out of the life you live. She Regrets Nothing by Andrea Dunlop certainly fit the bill for me!

She Regrets Nothing is a Gossip Girl combined with All About Eve combined with Metropolitan novel, with a dash of Vogue and Gatsby thrown in for good measure. This is guilty pleasure reading, and there's nothing wrong with that! And as a lady who was always enthralled with New York City, I ate up every delectable tidbit of it.

Laila lives a modest existence in Grosse Pointe, Michigan as a dental hygienist who is dating the dentist at the practice where she works. During the funeral of her mother, three mysterious and oh-so glamorous people arrive who look as out of place as one possibly could in her neck of the woods. Liberty, Nora and Leo are cousins Laila never knew she had, from the mysterious wealthy family who cut her father off before she was born and he moved to the midwest. Turns out they didn't know about her either until recently.

Laila hits it off with Liberty, the eldest of the cousins and a former model turned literary agent, and within two years she's ditched the dentist husband and moved to New York City. Completely at the mercy of her cousin's extreme wealth, all while feeling she deserves that wealth too, Laila struggles to create a new identity for herself in the city. She has the right last name, yet no one knows her. She's pretty, yet not as pretty as her eldest cousin, and when coupled with her other cousin Nora's trashy fashion sense comes off more tramp than socialite.

 She Regrets Nothing by Andrea Dunlop, review by Tomes and Tequila

Liberty does everything she can to try and help out her cousin, giving her a job and trying to help her make friends. She believes her to be sweet and kind, and feels overjoyed to have a new family member in her life. But is Laila as nice as she thinks? Are her intentions really that good? And do any of them REALLY know this woman they've let into their lives??

I gobbled this book up, but I have also been known to put Gossip Girl on when I can't think of anything else to put on tv for background noise. The book is told from the viewpoint of various people, so you have a good idea of the mindset these folks are in. It doesn't take long to realize that some are more vain and vapid than others. Or that one might have a more nefarious goal than anyone else realizes. But the book hits a spot about 3/4 of the way in where I just went...NO, why did she DO THAT?!?!

I think my favorite character in the book was Liberty's best-friend Reece...who for whatever reason I kept picturing as Gabrielle Reece, the beautiful statuesque volleyball player. Why? I have no idea. I read Reece, and then couldn't get that image out of my head for the rest of the book...and I have no idea what the description of her actually was now except tall. She may have been described as an olive complected woman with long flowing black hair or something, and I still saw Gabrielle Reece. Clearly I have issues.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this one. A few of the characters felt a little like caricatures, and you have a good idea of where it's all going as you're reading...but none of that took away from the sheer pleasure of reading a book where a character might hop onto a plane to an island getaway with a rich old guy they just met. Or look down on someone for taking the subway to work. Or use a matchmaker to meet a suitable older fella with a loaded bank account. Fun stuff, I tell ya!

So huge thanks again to Booksparks and the author for sending me this book! It took me out of my February doldrums and into high society for a little bit, which I thoroughly needed.
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