Friday, February 9, 2018

In Praise of Girlfriends

Or Why Galentine's Day Isn't Such a Bad Idea...

For some reason, I managed to get up and stay up with my husband at 5 am today, even though I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. In my head I was going to have an incredibly productive day, and do all sorts of amazing things from my to do list once I'd finished getting this blog post up and published. I started fiddling with a book review, and was struggling to find the words even though I really enjoyed the book. Then I started working on my planner post, and couldn't seem to find inspiration there either. So I headed over to YouTube and watched a few tutorials on my editing software, along with a couple planner videos and one makeup tutorial...because watching other people be productive apparently counts as being productive yourself today. So, it's 10 am and I've done nothing of note except feed my dog. But I've found my mind wandering heavily to a few of my girlfriends, and how much I miss them. 

Now, I promise I'm not going to fill this lovely public webpage with things like, Boy I miss friend A in Maryland today or Damn I wish I could sit in friend B's car in the driveway like we used to, confessing our deepest thoughts and fears to each other. That would be both overly personal (even coming from someone like me, who shares A LOT) and incredibly cheesy and fake sounding, though both of those supposed theoretical sentences above are true. 

But Valentine's Day is next week, and Instagram is filled with women sharing their "Galentine's Day" ideas, and it's got me thinking a lot about women and the role girlfriends have in their lives, and mine in particular. At first I thought this Galentine's thing was incredibly cheesy. First off, it originated in a tv show that I've not watched much of. And then, I'm already not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, which sounds bad...but my husband grumbles about how it's a "Hallmark-created holiday", and he doesn't like "forced romantic gestures"...and I guess that's rubbed off on me a bit. And I can see how it would be hard to be single and surrounded by red hearts and roses from December 26th until February 14th. What was once a bring your wife home a rose, and maybe go out to dinner thing has turned into diamonds, vacations, and entire florist shops. We are a world of excess, folks...but saying all of that, I did tell my husband I still expect conversation hearts, and perhaps a margarita. 😁

Galentine's I think I can get behind though! I mean, I don't know that it needs to be on February 13th really, but maybe that tones down the whole Valentine's thing for those not attached in a relationship. I kind-of think that every day should be Galentine's Day. I love my girlfriends, and although I wouldn't say I'm the best friend in the world...especially since I'm scatterbrained, and not the best at initiating get togethers and phone calls...I DO try to let my ladies know how important they are to me. 

I have always had a lot of friends, and been a very social creature. I'm currently going through probably one of the most...reclusive and solitary stages of my life. Growing up I had a lot of friends. I'm a big talker and extrovert, so I never had an issue reaching out to new people. For a lot of my life I had one "best friend", who inevitably changed through moves, relocations and life stages...but as I've got older, I've realized my heart is big enough to hold more than one friend close. But with everyone scattered around the globe now, I personally need to work a bit harder to ensure they all know how important they are to me, and we continue to find ways to keep that tie that binds us strong. 

Because, although I'd consider my husband to be my best friend and confidante always, there is still a need in my heart for girlfriends. Girlfriends are just different than husbands! And I think that we need them just as much, if not more as we get older. Girlfriends don't mind it when you moan and groan about something, even if you caused it yourself. The good ones will love you still, even if you confess crazy stuff to them in a drunken stupor (not that I know anything about that...). They will hold your hand, and cook for you, when you get sick. They will mother your child for you if you can't get to them (thanks again K!). They will tell you you're pretty, even if you've snapped them for a week in a row with unwashed hair and no makeup, while sitting on the toilet (um, not that I'm speaking form experience...). And the best ones will stand by you, through thick and thin, day or night, no matter what. 

Maybe we should have more Galentine's Days. Take our girlfriends out for lunch and a manicure. For a coffee date. Or have a Skype/Facetime Drinks date, if you aren't close. Send them a card just because. Do a wine and paint night together. Play games at someones house. Be a cliche, and help spend each other's money on a shopping trip together! Do the unexpected! Support your girlfriend's passions. Raise each other up. Tell your best friend that you love them, because it's not weird...and there are a lot of different types of love. Plus life is short people. I tell everyone that I love how I feel. I've had someone pass away who I worried didn't know, and that will never happen again. I have a big heart...and I have a lot of love to pass around! 

So, on February 13th, maybe take a minute to tell your lady friends how important they are to you. Drop them a line. Snap them first thing in the morning saying hey! Send them a tweet with a cute picture of Michael Fassbender to brighten their day (I mean, I guess it could be someone else...but if it were me, I'd prefer Fassy). Tag them in an Insta-Story of you lipsyncing to a funny song to make them smile (once again, I'm just listing things I want...). Take a minute out of your day to recognize how important your female friendships are, so they can continue to thrive. Because I think we're all a little guilty of taking our girlfriends for granted at times. And it's incredibly easy to make someone feel special, it just requires intention folks. 

So, in praise of Girlfriends rock!! If I forgot to call you back that one time, consider this a formal and public apology! 

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