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Appetite Book Review

 Appetite by Anita Cassidy on Tomes and Tequila

Well, it looks like I've messed things up a tad, and this post was meant to be up I'll start with my most sincere apologies to the author and everyone else involved in the blog tour for Appetite!! I absolutely adored this book, and I rarely take part in blog I'm sorry to be publishing on the same day as someone else, but I never post on a Sunday. 😕 So, we'll just get this review started off with an apology that goes something like this...

Hello, my name is Christina, and I'm human and flub things up sometimes. Occasionally I go through periods of time when I seem to flub up on a more regular basis. I currently appear to be in one of those periods. And I'm trying not to cuss so much in my posts, hence the word flub.

And then we'll follow up with a sincere thank you for sending me this book to review because I LOVED it, and I want to help make sure more people hear about it!

Appetite by Anita Cassidy * is a book all about desire and hunger, and the way it manifests in different ways within different people. It delves into what can happen when your appetite runs away from you and goes unchecked. When your yearning for something more takes over your life. And the internal struggles that we all go through in an effort to be seen and heard, wanted and loved, fulfilled and sated.

The book follows three different people combating three very different hungers. David is a young teen struggling with being extremely overweight. Angry and discontent with the way he feels day in and day out, he is attempting to live in a home and a body that is smothering him. Naomi is a wife, mother and businesswoman in her early 40's whose life has become rote and monotonous. When her dormant sex-drive is awakened by a young coworker's husband, the desire becomes so strong it may burn up her entire life. And Matthew is a teacher who is disillusioned with the impact he's making on the world, and hungry for change...a change in the world that he's actively taking part in.

 Appetite by Anita Cassidy on Tomes and Tequila

All three hungers are different, and yet the same. The three character's lives intertwine and are woven into an amazing tale of desire run rampant, and hunger managed and eventually taken under control...or not.

I found the whole thing incredibly fascinating, and was hooked from very early in the story. I think this book would make a FABULOUS book club selection because it makes you uncomfortable, in that it really makes you think so much about the unconscious need for fulfillment in our lives. How that NEED can manifest into something toxic if left unchecked. And oh how I would love to pick other people's brains about this book! I want my girlfriends to read it, and to have a big ole discussion about the character Naomi...cause damn, this woman brought up all sorts of feelings in me!

And someone who is currently struggling with my weight, his story made me very emotional. I actually teared up at a couple of parts, and that is actually pretty rare for me. (When reading, don't even get me started over how often I cry watching This Is Us....)

The Matthew character made me feel for teachers the world over, and how hard it must be for them sometimes, to see through the daily grind and realize that what they are doing is truly important and that it may actually be sinking in to the brain of one of those kids, even if they don't see it playing out before their eyes.

Anita Cassidy wove an incredibly well-written novel full of complex characters, both the main three and their supporting cast. And a story that knocked my socks off. I highly recommend this book. At 457 pages, it wasn't a short and fast read...but was well worth every second I spent curled up on the couch with it! This is a very smart book, one that will probably have me thinking about it for quite some time...and I love books like that! So, huge thanks again to the author for sending it my way.

Now I just need everyone to read this, so I can do a Facebook Live, and we can talk about it! LOL 😂

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