Thursday, October 5, 2017

Good Me, Bad Me Review

Hello hello people!! I hope this week is getting better for everyone. The temperature is falling, the leaves are changing colors, and we have family in town for an epic college football showdown this weekend. It's the Navy vs. Air Force, and for us that means a house divided! I really wanted to get a shirt made for the game that said something like "Air Force Wife and Navy Mom" but instead I will be sporting my Navy Mom attire...sitting next to my career Air Force husband. Just thinking about the game makes me get all excited!! It's the simple things really... 😁

But on to the good stuff!! 

Booksparks has killed it again with another incredible page-turner for their Fall Reading Program. This bestseller is being talked about all over the interwebs, and for good reason. 

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land tells the story of Milly, a 15 year old girl whose mother is a serial killer. We meet Milly as she's turning her mother in to the police. Her mother has crossed a line, so much so that Milly's risked everything to sneak off and tell what's been going on in her home for years. Now she's being sent to live with an affluent family, given a fake name, and going to a fancy private school while awaiting her mother's trial...where she is to be the star witness. But Milly is really struggling with whether she is a good person, or bad like her mother. 

There are problems in the new foster house from the beginning. Her new foster father, Mike, is working as her psychologist...monitoring the meds she pockets, and regularly holding therapy sessions to try and help Milly prepare for trial. Her foster mother, Saskia, is distant and flakey, choosing to spend her days sleeping with her yoga teacher. But the biggest problem is her new foster sister Phoebe, who is a classic mean girl, resentful of this new gal taking much needed attention away from her. It's the perfect setting for Millie's internal struggle.

She is plagued by her mother's voice in her head, and although she knows she was abused and knows that she was treated horribly...she still loves her mom. She longs for a maternal figure to take care of her. And she is so damaged, you're left to wonder the same thing she she good, or is she bad??

I, literally, could not put this book down. It was intense, and messed up on so many levels...but completely and utterly captivating. You are in Milly's head for the entire novel, and at times she's not quite honest with you're unsure of what's really going on. Once I started it, I didn't put it down until I'd finished the last page. This book contributed to my lack of sleep, big time. 

I want to compare it to Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, but yet not quite. Sharp Objects bashed you over the head with how fucked up it's characters and situations were, whereas this book is more nuanced in it's dysfunction. (I'm trying to be good, but I can't talk about that book without using the F word) There is a certain finesse and almost poetic quality to Land's writing that sucked me in and wouldn't let me go until she wanted to. But in the end, it's still a messed up and disturbing story.

So, there's a reason you're seeing this book everywhere, and it's much deserved. This book was amazing. If you are a fan of thrillers, and darker fiction, definitely put this on your To Read list. But, if you're anything like me, be prepared to keep flipping pages until the wee hours of the night.


  1. So basically, I'll love this book.

  2. Wow such captivating stories of living in foster homes. I felt like I was seeing a movie thanks to you.