Friday, August 18, 2017

The Goddesses Review

Booksparks has blown me away with their Summer Reading Challenge! Every time I open my front door and see a little white box, just waiting to be opened...I feel so incredibly blessed. My move hampered my reading everything they've sent (yet!!!), but so far I think they've picked a great selection of books that have kept me excited...and have introduced me to a few authors I may not have read on my own. Hopefully they are just as happy that they picked me!! 😁

One of their Bonus Books this summer was The Goddesses by Swan Huntley. The cover is SO puurty, and the blurb inside had me SO excited...I bumped it to the top of the pile and started it almost as soon as it entered my house. I had seriously high hopes for this book. Which might be where the problems creep in a little...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Goddesses tells the story of Nancy, an almost 50 year old mom of two teen-aged boys, who has moved to Hawaii for a fresh start with her husband Chuck. Chuck cheated on her with a blonde named Shelley in San Diego, so they're hoping this change of scenery may be just what they need to start over again.

Nancy is having an internal crisis. She is trying desperately to change things up. Sick of the same ole same ole, she decides this time she's going to do things differently. She plants a garden. Switches her bathroom towels with the boy's towels. Starts trying some healthy new recipes from a cooking blog she finds. But everything changes when she decides to attend a yoga class.

She is immediately drawn to the yoga instructor Ana. Ana is so incredibly different from her. She is almost smitten...and definitely wants to be her friend. They hit it off, and Nancy can feel her life changing for the better. She wants to spend all of her time with Ana. But is Ana all that she appears?

One minute they are feeding homeless people peanut butter sandwiches and Nancy is the happiest she's ever been, and the next it quickly morphs into something closer to Single White Female. Nancy's life has changed...but at what cost? And is it for the better? Plus, how much does she really know about Ana??

I found the premise of this book to be fascinating. I don't know about any of you, but I have been known to have the same thoughts as Nancy before. I recently moved across the country, and definitely had the thought of...this is your chance to change EVERYTHING if you want to! We all get in ruts, and occasionally our routine becomes just that...too routine. I am a classic Gemini who gets bored easy, so I found all of that to be very relatable.  Plus, I have met people before that I immediately thought were just so cool that I HAD to make friends with them. Where I have had to hold myself back from jumping up and down, waving my hand over my head shouting "pick me, pick me, be MY friend!!".

And the descriptions of Kona, Hawaii were amazing. I've never been to Hawaii, but it sounds breathtaking! The setting was almost a character itself. From Jacuzzi's on the beach, to walks in a jungle setting almost terrifyingly all sounded mesmerizing. I'm kicking myself in the ass for not visiting my dad there when I had the chance back in high school.

Over 3/4 of this book had me enthralled. What kept me from giving this more stars on Goodreads was the ending. It just didn't do it for me. It's hard to accurately describe why without putting spoilers in here, which I try so incredibly hard not to do. My best explanation would be that I had such high hopes, and the culmination of this dysfunctional relationship was just...meh. I wouldn't really call the book a thriller, despite the Single White Female comparison. It was more like a friendship romance with a very bad break-up...and crappy resolution.

So, I'm giving this one 3 stars. I liked it, but I think with a better ending it could've been phenomenal.

But I do have to say that if you're trying to write a boring husband, making him a slightly paunchy guy who works for Costco is probably the epitome for me. So if I could give half-stars, I would give this 3 1/2 just for that. (my apologies if you have a HOT husband, and he works at Costco)

Oh, and Nancy and Chuck need to take a parenting class.

Okay, I'm done. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! 💛💛

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