Monday, October 17, 2016

Bookish Goodies Vol. 2

The Jane Edition

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Today's Bookish Goodies Guide is about one of my all time favorite classic books, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I have enjoyed this book since I was in high school, when I was forced to read it for an English paper. Watching my beloved Fassbender play Rochester in a recent adaptation just reinforced my intense love. Clearly I am not the only person who feels this way, as Etsy is FILLED with super cool bookish gifts inspired by Jane Eyre. 

Here's my Top 10 picks from the plethora I stumbled across!! 

Jane Eyre Hardcover Children's Picture Book
For $15.99 over here on the Little Literary Etsy shop you can get this adorable abridged and illustrated adaptation by Melissa Niemann! This is so cute, and honestly just cracks me up. I would love to see how she adapted this!! Surely there's not a creepy and crazy wife burning in the attic in the children's edition.

Jane Eyre Book Purse
Take a look at this beautiful book purse over here on the Bookarelli Etsy shop for $69.48. I have seen a lot of book purses, and have even purchased a Harry Potter one for my daughter, but this one looks more elegant, in my opinion. I think it would make a pretty clutch for dressing up occasions, where you only need a couple select items in your handbag.

Jane and Rochester Bookmarks
Everyone loves a good bookmark, or at least the people who would frequent a book blog, and these magnetic ones from Beyondthepages19 for $3.91 over here are adorable. I love this style of bookmark, as they tend to get lost a little less often.

Vintage Style Jane Magnets
For $10.50 over here at The Quoted Page you can get this set of 4 tile magnets inspired by Jane Eyre. The quote "I am no bird; and no net ensnares me." is on all sorts of goodies, but I think it looks elegant here.

Jane Eyre Book Scarf
This beautiful book scarf bucks the trend of literary scarves that are just words on a creamy background. It is beautiful and feminine, and I think it would make a wonderful conversation piece. It is $60 over here at Enjoy the Traffic.

Literature Rocks Glass
For $13 over here at The Uncommon Green you can get this snazzy drinks glass with chapter 1 of Jane Eyre printed on it. To me this screams of a Scotch glass...sitting in wingback chair with your leather bound edition next to a roaring fire...perhaps smoking a cigar. LOL

Jane Eyre I Am No Bird Bracelet
Here is that quote again! This beautiful and delicate bracelet can be found over here at Emery Drive for $16. It's a beautiful reminder, and would be the perfect accessory to dress up your average jeans and t-shirt outfit.

Jane Eyre Quote Shirt
And hey, here's the t-shirt!! Same quote, with a little more added at the end. You can find it for $38 over here at Neena Creates. This shirt screams jeans and a cute color of converse, in my opinion. But then I blog about books and not fashion, so I may not be the best fashionista to plan your literary wardrobe.

Jane Eyre Loose Leaf Tea
For $12.00 over here at First Edition Tea Co. you can get some loose leaf Currant and Spice Black Tea leaves in a cute Jane Eyre reusable tin. This is the drink to have in your cup when it's not appropriate to drink the scotch from the glass up above!

Jane Eyre Mug 
And I guess this is the cup to hold your Jane Eyre tea in! I love this simple coffee mug for $18 over here at Farizula Designs. Jane fan or not, this would be a great edition to your coffee mug collection.

I hope all of my Jane Eyre fans have enjoyed this second installment of my Bookish Goodies shopping guide. Writing these posts makes me feel like I'm being productive when I scour Etsy in the middle of the night from my cell phone! Do you have any fandoms you'd like me to do a shopping guide for? If so, let me know in the comments either here or over on my Facebook page. Let the shopping begin!!

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