Monday, August 29, 2016

I DON'T Take You...

It's so hard when you can totally tell where an author is trying to go in their book, but they just can't quite get there. You can see the idea that they had...what made them want to write the book. You can see that there was a point, and one that the author probably feels passionately about...but she doesn't quite make it. That is how I feel about the book I Take You by Eliza Kennedy, which I received to review from Blogging for Books and Broadway publishing.
I Take You is a story about Lily Wilder, a young New York lawyer engaged to marry Will, a charming archaeologist...and the week leading up to their wedding in Key West. You see, Lily isn't quite sure she should marry Will...and her multitude of moms agree with her. She just enjoys sex, alcohol and the occasional lines of cocaine too much. Is it possible to stop all the carousing and settle down? Does she even want to??

Okay, before I really get into my review I feel like I need to politely place a little disclaimer for the folks who are reading this and haven't met me in real life. I do not have a prudish bone in my body. There, I said it. I have zero problems with sexual content in books. Clearly, by the name of my blog, I am no stranger to an alcoholic beverage. Cocaine? Eh...I have been married to a military member for almost 23 years so that has definitely tainted my thoughts on illegal substances...but to each his own, right?

So when I tell you that this book was a little overboard with EVERYTHING, you know that it's not just because I have a problem with the "sexy stuff". But even the characters felt overdone...they felt like caricatures of characters. It was all just a little bombastic for every line out of their mouths should've been in ALL CAPS.

Within the first chapter...Saturday...the affianced Lily, makes out heavily with a guy at a club, then goes to her work place and has kinky sex with her boss, THEN goes home to her fiance to snuggle in his lap.  The entire book is like this. Just one sexual encounter after another, with almost a frantic pacing.

I believe this section sums up what Eliza Kennedy was trying to get through to her audience:
"If you were a man, Nicole wouldn't have the vocabulary to judge you. All the words for women who like casual sex are negative. All the words for men who like casual sex are positive." 
"That can't be true."
"Slut. Whore. Ho. Skank. Tramp. What else?" Freddy pauses. "Floozy. Hussy. Now we have to get kind of old-timey. Trollop. Strumpet. Harlot. Can you come up with any positive terms--or even any neutral ones?"
I think about it. "No," I admit.
"But men who sleep around? They're Casanovas. Don Juans."
"Romeos," I say. "Lotharios."
"See?" Freddy says. "Talk about a double standard. Men get Shakespeare, and women get the gutter."

I believe this is true, although maybe the double standard is getting a bit better. We are now in a post Sex in the City era...complete with Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler, etc. But this point is totally lost in a lot of brash grandeur. The dialogue was unrealistic, and I'm not sure I liked any of the characters.

In the copy I was sent there is an interview with the author in which they compare this to the Bridget Jones books and Where'd You Go Bernadette...two books I really liked...but I fail to see the comparison. Both of those books were clever, and this is just basic.

I hope y'all don't feel I'm being too hard on it, but the sex wasn't sexy...and the supposed witty dialogue just didn't cut it for me. If this book would've hit it's mark, I think I would've enjoyed it. A woman not afraid of her sexuality, successfully living her life and struggling with settling down in marriage and monogamy. So, if you have read THAT book, let me know what it is so I can add it to my to-read list. But I can't in good conscience recommend this one, unfortunately.

Do you have any sexy SMART books you think I should check out? If so, let me know in the comments here or over on my Facebook page.

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