Saturday, July 30, 2016

I love this little book!

I am so enamored with the book Find Your Brave by Holly Wagner! I have highlighted this puppy like crazy! Well actually, I was planning on not marking it up so I could maybe do a giveaway, since I received it from Blogging for Books to review...but after tearing little pieces out of magazines and napkins to mark pages, I gave up. I believe that sometimes books come to you at just the right time, and that may be the case with this one.
Find Your Brave: Courage to Stand Strong When the Waves Crash In by Holly Wagner uses Acts 27 from the Bible, Paul enduring a storm, to help understand how to better handle the storms that enter our own it related to finances, relationships, health...storms of our own making, or ones that have happened to us. It's a little book (182 pages) but there is zero filler. It is chock full of real life examples and scripture in a very down to earth writing style.

Yes, this is another one of my Spiritual Christian Women books, so if that's not your thing you probably won't like it...although I do feel it has something to offer everyone. Holly Wagner's writing style is so relatable, it made me feel like I was sitting with a girlfriend talking about our troubles and the best way to get through them. Although bursting at the seams with scripture and biblical analogies, there is absolutely nothing preachy in it. I have read many SCW books that make me uncomfortable, not being raised in a church going family. They are just too much for me, or are written in a style that leaves me feeling inadequate. This was not one of those books.
The author has gone through many storms in her life, and is very open and honest about her mistakes and issues. Earthquakes, breast cancer, family deaths...she relates a year that was one thing after another. You know, when the shit hits the fan it always seems to come in rapid fire bursts, with little time to relax in between. In the book she gives examples on how to get through the storm and out the other side, as unscathed as possible. 

In one section she talks about how our attitudes and thought processes can make problems worse for us...and how past experiences can impact our now. She relates it to Russian Matroysha dolls. "Painful experiences are like that set of dolls; each hurt comes with its own set of luggage, and each stuffs itself into the next. Most of us have been betrayed at some point. If we haven't dealt with it, we carry the baggage of bitterness. If we don't deal with the bitterness, it breeds unforgiveness. And the unforgiveness breeds resentment. And the resentment creates envy. And envy harbors distrust. Look at all those Russian dolls! All that baggage! If we don't lighten our load and intentionally lose some of this stuff, we can spend the rest of our lives crippled by the weight." This is good stuff!!
Honestly, there is just so much good stuff in this book. I am having trouble picking examples because I want to share the whole thing with you! This is the kind of book that you need to have multiple copies of, so you can give them to friends who are struggling. I honestly believe that if you follow the advice she dishes out so warmly, you will maybe come out a little less battered and bruised the next time you are facing a storm. 

Now I just want to search out her other books, and see if they are as good as this one! Thank you Waterbrook Publishing and Blogging for Books for bringing this author and her story into my life. I feel better for it, and can't wait to pass this on to others who just might need it as much as I did.

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