Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Lisa Lutz down...

Migraine adled brain today, so hopefully I can coherently compose a proper review of The Passenger for your consumption. Wow, that was a tongue twister!!

The Passenger

I finished it last night but needed a little time to figure out what I wanted to say...and then bam, the universe decides I need to be impaired for a day. Oh well, we work with what we've got eh?
I have to be honest with you, I didn't like the book quite as much as Lisa Lutz previous novels but it was still quite the roller coaster ride.

Or perhaps I should say train ride? I guess if you are on the run airplanes aren't viable anymore but main character Tanya-Amelia-Debbie-etc spends half of the book aboard Amtrak. If it were a movie I would think it were sponsored.  I guess I never really spent a lot of time thinking of how hard it is to flee anymore until reading this book. Pesky id's, registrations, passports and social security cards! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The book starts with Tanya's husband at the foot of the stairs, and even though she didn't do it she bolts. The rest is her running...and slowly revealing the reason she was Tanya in the first place.  This is one of those books where you don't really know what is going on until the last few chapters.
Along the way she meets some interesting characters, my favorites being Domenic, the good looking good guy cop and Andrew, the somewhat neglected student she teaches for a bit.

I enjoyed this train ride, I just didn't like it as much as The Spellman Files. That might be because they are two totally different beasts. One had me literally laughing out loud, and the other had me thinking about what I would do in the shoes of a woman on the run.  Would I make the same decisions she did?  Kind of like how Girl on the Train had me reevaluating my alcohol consumption!!  But I digress. 

Will I recommend The Passenger? Absolutely.  But don't go into it thinking it's going to be a fun ride.  Expect some dirt, hair dye, colored contacts, Amtrak tickets and murder.  Is this on your to-read shelf? 

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