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Remember a few years back, when every other week someone would share a note on Facebook promising to tell you Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me...or Song Titles on My Ipod That Describe These Moments In My Life?? For some reason I've had those floating around in my mind. I think it's because a few friends have shared posts that are similar, stating neat details about their marriage or their kids. I've always found them fascinating, although I know others who hate when they appear in their feed.

I continually want to know more about my friends and extended family, and will gladly consume every little tidbit they're willing to share. I'm very particular about who I'm friends with on FB, so my feed is mainly filled with people I really care about. And my memory is not what it used to be, so these list type posts are occasionally a good way to fill in important I actually have notes for a few friends on my phone, to help when buying future gifts. (

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